Friday, November 14, 2008

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!!

Happy halloween!!! I know, I know I'm a little behind on adding these. But, better late then never right? I work with these pretty ladies. Haha we had so much fun dressing up, we all became little kids again. I dont know if you can see but on the left side on the file cabinets are our homeade trick-or-treat bags. (LtoR) Rebecca H, Chealse H, Gia D, me, and Amanda T.
NACHO...... wait and Santa, and a greek goddess, and the Punisher... What a scary group.. Every year Rhett and his friends get together and go to IHOP on halloween. This year I was allowed to go... hahah and I inveted more girls.. Come on they need to hang out with more girls there getting old. Just kidding. So we were at Rhett's parents house, My in laws, and the guys kept answering the door. All of the kids were so excited to see Santa.. Then Rhett decided he wanted to start answering the door. Oh my.. okay they live in West Valley.. and there are a lot of hispanics there that just loved him.. They kept saying NACHOOOOO! He was getting a kick out it,who wouldnt.

Me and my sisters also like to dress up. This year Kristy dressed up as.................Madonna. Haha Poor her she kept asking everyone who she was and no one knew. But once we found out she totally looks the part..Except she is much prettier. Heidi and Amy were cats.. Or I should say Amy was Cat Women and Heidi was a Cat. Haha all in all we had a lot of fun.

Every year, My poor step mother makes us all a great Halloween dinner. We eat first and then take pictures and run to go Trick-or-treating. My Platt Family Halloween Picture. Okay not all of us dress up, but more then half of us do. All of my nieces and nephews except for 2 1/2.

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We are such a cute family =)