Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day...

We hope that everyone had a great Valentines Day!! Rhett and I decided that we would spend the whole weekend together.. I didn't want any friends over.. just the two of us! It's been a while since Rhett and I have had the whole weekend to ourselves( minus the in laws).. It was great not to have any friends ( love y'all) over.
Friday we went and saw Valentines Day the movie. I liked it, just not sure if I want to buy it. Rhett didn't care for it!!! Spoiler: It had so many stories in it.. that shouldn't have been in and that could have been taken out.

Also Rhett was so sweet and had flowers delivered to my work!!! He is truly amazing!

Saturday: We both worked, then we took his parents to PF Changs.. This is my favorite place to eat ever!!! It was Kathy's first time going, she loved it!!
Ignore our messy entertainment center.. you all know I am messy!

Sunday: Valentines Day. We went to church and taught our beautiful little ones, then had a huge brunch!! and just relaxed and watched movies all day!
It's hard to believe that it was two years ago on Feb 14Th, 2008 that Rhett asked me to be his wife! We've had a great adventure together and can't wait for what the future brings us. I so lucky to have him in my life! Love you!

My Friend Crystal and I like to get together and make things for holiday's... We'd like to get together every month.. but it hasn't happened yet.. This month we made:


Hans and Chelsey said...

Sounds like you two had so much fun together relaxing and loving each other.

THE Bjarnson's said...

Awe Chels it was a really wonderful weekend!! thanks

Amanda & Clay said...

Cute! I love your adorable craft, I have been looking at these cute crafts I want to do, but I can never find the time.. (But then again I have a job and 3 kids, not to mention a boyfriend :D) BUSY busy..
I still want to see pictures of your house!!