Monday, January 25, 2010

Catch up!!

So I haven't blogged in a really log time! Nothing really has changed in mine and Rhett's life. He is still attending BYU and is taking 8 credit hours-three classes. Accounting, Biology, and New Testament. He is now only working 30 hours a week for Wells Fargo. Which I'm jealous over, He has three days off!! He is really enjoying his Accounting class, and is hoping to get into the Accounting Program that BYU offers.

I'm still working at RA, and I enjoy it most days! I need to work on being more patient. I'm trying a new thing... well its not so new. BUT I've been trying to laugh everything off so that I can have a good day! It seems to be working for the most part!

We teach the CTR 5 B (5 and 6 year olds) class in our ward. Every week we have about 9-11 kids. Last year we had the sunbeams so they were 3-4 yrs old. We are now getting to know which kids lie, and which kids can't be trusted in the bathrooms by themselves. There again we are learning patience.

We are still loving our house, and everything that comes with it! Thanks to Rhett's parents for helping us with the cooking, and cleaning!! I can't wait to start decorating more. My brother Jason is helping us build the basement (bedroom, closet, and full bathroom) for Rhett's parents. It's coming a long very nice! We are very excited!

We love married life and are coming up on two years of marriage! We haven't decided what we'd like to do to celebrate. However we still have time! Don't get me wrong we have our moments, but what married couple doesn't? I'm just very lucky that I found Rhett and that he can put up with me!

We have a ton of weddings that are happening this year.. Some of our really good friends tied the knot on Jan 15th Andy and Andrea Gates!!! It was such an amazing, and spiritual day! Kaylee, Gus will be getting married in Feb. Angie and Jim will be getting married in March. Crystal and Craig will be getting married in May. YAY to Marriage. We are so excited for all of you and we hope you Cherish your new adventures!

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Hans and Chelsey said...

Yea! Tina you did it. Good Job on posting. Glad to hear that everything is going well. Take care.