Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lost Wedding Ring!

So Rhett plays with his wedding ring all of the time. It drives me nuts, because he drops it. I'm always so afraid that he is going to lose it one of these days. I think that I'm a little to rude when he does play with it. Sometimes I take it away and put it on my thumb. So yesterday (monday) He comes home from work and starts searching our room. I kindly ask him what he is looking for. He finally tells me that he hasnt been able to find his ring since sunday night. I'm freaking out in my head but try not to physically react so we dont get in a big fight. I've been trying this out for awhile, trying not to let the little things bug me. So I kept thinking at least it was his ring and not mine. His ring was only a hundred dollars, A LOT cheaper then mine! So we searched for it last night, and no luck. So I told him that when I come home from work today that I would deep clean the bedroom. I cleaned off his nightstand, searched the garbage, lifted the mattress, searched under the bed and nightstand. I decided to do some laundry so I shook all of the clothes. Nothing! I looked in the bathroom, and looked by the sink.. since he did the dishes on sunday. Still nothing, I finally gave up. He came home today, and looked under the sofa, and in the bedroom again. He finally decided that we should move the sofa and look again. So we moved it and I got on the floor and started looking and I decided to say just a little short pray, and BAM there was his ring, stuck on a metal under the sofa... THANK GOODNESS FOR PRAYER!


Amy ~and~ Mark Dial said...

So funny. Rhett keep that on your finger =)

June, Alberto and Catherine said...

I guess he will not be playing with it again. My husband does the same thing! I hate it! LOL! I guess one day he will learn.

THE Bjarnson's said...

I know, I told him that he better keep it on his finger. I was so mad